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However it ensures that there is full recognition of ECTS-points , earned abroad, by the home universities.

A point is a point if: The students have the guarantee that ECTS-points will be recognized by their home universities. Therefore after a short time of introduction the students will become for the most part of the year a productive employee. Campus Europae made several contracts with local chambers, employers unions and confederations, which help to find study related working places for incoming students close to the host university. The advantages are obvious!!!

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This will also make their experience in their country of destination more immersive, from a social and linguistic point of view. In conjunction they will get a new system of financing their staying abroad.

Not all universities may have LEPs in their offer. The Campus Europae Degree — an offer to the European Labour Market To underline the extraordinary qualification of the CE-movers, Campus Europae and its member universities will offer a special academic degree to those students, who have fulfilled the requirements: The CE-Degree is based on a memorandum between the EUF-CE and each member university which allows evaluating the quality of study-programmes at the member university by the subject committees.

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Campus europae hook up.

Campus Europae What is Campus Europae? Italian A1 A2 B1 6. Latvian A1 A2 7. Lithuanian A1 A2 B1 B2 8.

go site Polish A1 A2 9. Portuguese A1 A2 B1 B2 Russian A1 A2 B1 Serbian A1 A2 B1 Spanish A1 A2 B1 B2 Turkish A1 A2 B1.

Hook up campus europae

Cornerstone for Student Mobility Hook up Homepage. Cornerstone for Student Mobility An example At the very beginning: Greek alphabet pronunciation and phonetics.

Cornerstone for Student Mobility Another example: Cornerstone for Student Mobility You will also find Virtual classroom sessions Final exemination which is precondition for the intensive language courses. Cornerstone for Student Mobility In addition to that you will find information about your host city and host university….

Cornerstone for Student Mobility Continue with a clip. Language Centre Henriikka Salminen. Anne Pauwels Heritage and Community Languages in higher education:

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