Your connection to matchmaking servers is unreliable

Then it started to happen when I was attempting to land at al-din prospect station. Now it occurs when I try to access bulletin board or system maps.

Your connection to matchmaking server is not reliable (CSGO) :: Help and Tips

Login to reply to this thread. I was broadcasting this issue under my twitch channel for a couple hours today. I was getting disconnected on average every 5 minutes. Didn't matter what I was trying to do. The channel title was Elite isconnectedness. Just doing my part to advertise the merits of ED. The rampant disconnects seem to start with the move to the beta servers this morning. Last night I was only getting disconnected on frame shift changes, now it's all over the place.

I've got a 75mbps connection up and down with 2ms latency to the ISP dedicated fiber. I don't have a shred of lag or timeouts with any other application. I believe I've tracked down the problem some of us are experiencing with frequent disconnects more often than once or twice an hour. So, the client is no longer able to communicate with EDServer 12 or 13 and must re-open the port and re-negotiate a connection. What twigged me to the fact was that in very busy systems I would rarely disconnect but as soon as I attempted to enter a system with no activity I would very quickly disconnect.

Also, if I engaged one enemy for too long without either a kill or some other event that would trigger a response from the server I would get disconnected, mid-combat. As long as some activity was generating communication with the server I would remain connected. As you can imagine, exploring uninhabited systems was next-near to impossible. Not all of us get the luxury of having our own dedicated IP at our router and have to contend with NATs outside of our control.

My particular ISP runs a dedicated fiber to our complex and then NATs the network from there on their own hardware, so not every suite gets their own publicly addressable IP. Most games resolve this issue by lowering the interval between keep-alive packets to ensure that ports aren't being prematurely closed by a hasty router. Destiny's voice comm is the only other thing that I have problems with due to this network config, though the multiplayer aspect of the game runs fine.

I just can't hear or talk to anyone else, though voice comm works fine in Halo or Forza. I'd asked when I was trying to resolve the Destiny voice comm issue.

Csgo Connection To Matchmaking Servers Is Unreliable

Their rationale is that UDP by nature is an unreliable transport method not designed for long-term communication. Their advice, use applications that do not attempt to permanently nail open a UDP port without the ability to re-establish it again whenever necessary. Handy advice albeit a little self-righteous but I do get where they're coming from. Considering that this problem became exponentially more apparent after the recent move to the beta servers I would hazard a guess that either our current client or the beta servers themselves have had the keep-alive interval increased in an attempt to reduce idle traffic.

Returning to the previous configuration would be one resolution.

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Nine times out of ten I'm already reconnected to the EDServer by the time I reach the main menu anyways, so just re-establish the connection without dropping the session. I get a connection error while mining. It seems that if all my hoppers are full and the refinery goes to refine a hopper the connection error happens.

Although having empty bins doesn't fix the problem sometimes. Anytime I'm mining at all.

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Connection Error - Unrecoverable error on transaction server. Press OK to return to main menu.

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There is also a message that flashes in the top right corner in game, but it happens so fast I can't read it. Minimum of 30 disconnections per hour, sometimes every minutes Time and date of issue: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie Policy , Privacy Policy , and our Terms of Service.

When ever I try and connect to a Counter Strike: Global Offensive casual or comp game it gives me this message:. This message has appeared for me several times, and I followed the instructions on this Reddit thread and it's worked for me every time. Quit out of steam fully. Then run it as administrator. After launching steam, assuming you're using Windows , open CMD and type in the following commands:.

Your connection to matchmaking servers is not reliable [ FIXED !!! ]

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