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I don't have a date for the release of this feature just yet. As we get nearer to its release we'll be sure to get a blog post up that describes the system, and the changes that will be coming along with it. Do you have any estimate as to when we will see performance-based matchmaking in the game?

Of those, Loss Forgiveness is the first in line for development, while Performance Based Matchmaking will follow shortly after. I can't commit to an exact timeline for these just yet. When and how do you plan to fix them?

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You've touched on a few different topics so I'll do my best to try and address each of them. We are currently aware of the challenges that minor regions experience and are investigating ways to create additional incentives for players to participate in these modes that are facing challenges. Being able to queue for multiple modes is an interesting idea and compelling.

However, there are many challenges that come with that. For example, when a player is eligible for matches in different queues, what happens?

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Is it a first come first serves? What happens to the other 9 players in a match you choose to not go into? We have a holding mechanic that allows players of higher ratings to place a hold on players they feel they could make a match with in the near future whoa A change like this would have far reaching impacts across numerous game modes and potentially create scenarios where all game modes would have a degraded performance.

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Don't get me wrong, I love this idea and it has been discussed within the team. However, when we make changes to the matchmaker, we validate our changes across historical data for the the population to understand the impact of the changes. With a change as complex as this we would have to verify that all game modes observed a net positive in terms of quality of games as well as queue times.

In terms of duo queuing see here I agree, the game is very enjoyable with friends and I assure you we are very much invested in trying to improve the experience for our minor region heroes I get tired of losing points and having to play low-priority.

Also showing MMR would shed a lot of light and transparency on how we are matched. Currently we observe there are a small percentage of players whose MMR and Rank Points have diverged. As a result, these players end up in matches like the one you described. However, it is important to note that both MMR and Ranked Points are used when determining which players get placed into a game.

Because of the divergence previously mentioned, GM players may see a lower ranked master player in their game when, in reality, that player has a higher MMR than his current rank. We are investigating potential solutions for how to reduce this divergence. In regards to displaying MMR to the player, please refer to the following reply that has more details. I kind of find promotion and demotion games in the same league annoying.

Going from Plat 2 to Plat 1 and vice versa, they don't make much of a difference to me. My question is, are you so far happy with this, or do you plan to change anything here? Like only making promo and demo games between leagues. I tend to agree.

I feel that moving between divisions shouldn't require this an additional layer of ladder anxiety. We don't have that on the schedule at the moment so I don't want to promise a timeline for delivery. What plans do you think will be implemented this season?

New EU Matchmaking and Quality of Life Updates Coming Soon to PUBG Xbox

The Season 3 patch included a ton of changes to Hero League, though not all of them are player-facing. We're still planning on making improvements to matchmaking rules, but right now, we're focused on fixing bugs, and improving our matchmaking data collection. For example, while investigating reports of rainbow matches in Hero League, we uncovered an issue where players will very rarely incorrectly ping lower to a region outside their own when they have "best site" selected in their options menu. When this issue occurs, a player will make matches on that server, which may have different matchmaking rules that allow for rainbow matches to occur.

We're currently in the process of resolving this issue, which takes priority over feature development. For Season 4, we plan to continue examining the quality of matches as well as the end of season impact of Rank Decay. Our feature development efforts have primarily been focused on hardening the Quickmatch matchmaking experience. Here's a quick list of some of the changes we're considering for the future: Preventing returning ranked players from placing higher than Diamond 3 each season-roll after placements.


Reducing the number of placement games required for returning ranked players. Separating out the regional GM ladders to allow players to rank up within their local playerbase and matchmaking rulesets. Adding draft swaps for Hero League.

HOTS Ranked Play & Matchmaking AMA summary

Further extending the Rank Point Decay to affect additional leagues. Any thing that can be done to reduce negative experiences for people who don't play a lot of games. A drop or troll player is annoying but generally balances out for people who play a lot. This touches on a lot of the things we are currently working on to make the experience better for everyone: Our aim with this is to make those games not count against you anymore, so you are not punished for having to complete a game in that situation, which should lessen the negativity felt for it you still had to play it, which is a tough situation, but the result of that has been negated, and the leaver suitably punished.

As we work towards switching to showing MMR for some or all our leagues, this should remove that negative perception, too. Quick Match When people are given quick match games which are 5v5 assassins, or games that feel like the balance of the players or heroes is off, this can reduce enjoyment as well, so we are working towards hardening the criteria for team composition to make the mode feel both more enjoyable and more like our other queues.

Are you planning on making that information available somewhere handy such as in-game? Once we are in a place where we think and hopefully you also think! How does matchmaking work currently in master? It feels like before grandmasters are up, it was different. In 2 first weeks of season I was matched with k players having 3k and then when grandmasters were announced i was started getting And quality of matches were much lower. Does this work on purpose because of lower playerbase in masters and harsher requirements for grandmaster players?

Whenever Master players are considered, the matchmaker will first try to make a game with players from one division, before expanding the search to the adjacent ones.

New EU Matchmaking and Quality of Life Updates Coming Soon to PUBG Xbox | dbltap

This spread will only be allowed if all players to be put into a match have waited in the queue for at least 4 minutes. Currently, the amount of rank points a player has inside a single division are not taken into account by HL matchmaker, so the games you have described were formed based on the MMR of the players involved. The decay standard now seems to be a bit long.

We are always looking to iterate on changes we make to Rating and Ranked Decay. We are monitoring the impact Ranked Decay is having on Hero League. The decay timers may be adjusted as a result. However, we won't be making any changes to the decay timers in the middle of a season as we want to ensure all players are aware of such changes before they play their placement matches which is when the decay timers get initialized. We are working currently on hardening the rules for roles in Quick Match. We are implementing ways in which we can make sure that people who are picking roles with low demand are more effectively informed that there are roles in demand right now that they could fill.

What are the metrics for expected match quality in HL and TL? Is it limited to keeping the chance either team wins close to 0. If so, how are those weighed against each other? For example, would the matchmaker consider a match between some team A and some team B where it estimates exactly even odds of winning, where team A has a player in bronze and a player in GM better than a match of all GM player and Master players in both teams, where it expects one team to win with 0. I love stats questions! Our Matchmaker uses several criteria to find a winrate.

These include, but are not limited to: The game quality seems worse this season then any other season.

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Are the matchmaking changes this season being reviewed as an improvement on your end? I'm used to minute queue's max in previous seasons. First of all, congratulations on your ranking in Hero League! The match quality is something we are actively iterating on. We track numerous parameters for each match and monitor them actively.

When comparing some of these parameters against last season across the entire population, we have seen a significant reduction in the difference between the highest and lowest MMR within a game, as well as the difference between the highest and lowest rank within a game.